murder is my anti-drug (freeimprov) wrote in flipoffansuv,
murder is my anti-drug

Not just compensating for something...

If it's big and boxy and bright yellow, it's the short bus. Got it?

  • Work safe video...

    Catchy music and everything... (although it makes other SUVs look okay, it does highlight the "more money than brains" of the Hummer owner.…

  • HA! They get what they deserve

    First there was David and Goliath. Then the Tortise and the Hare. Now it's the Toyota and the Hummer.

  • and not 30 gallons per mile like them.

    [Unknown LJ tag] reminded me: i usually shout "30 miles per gallon mutherfucker!!!" (which is what my neon lovingly gets for me) whenever an suv cuts…

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