Kris (bammba_m) wrote in flipoffansuv,

and not 30 gallons per mile like them.

alymid reminded me:

i usually shout "30 miles per gallon mutherfucker!!!" (which is what my neon lovingly gets for me) whenever an suv cuts me off, or tries to run me off the road, or otherwise endangers my life with their reckless driving.

  • Work safe video...

    Catchy music and everything... (although it makes other SUVs look okay, it does highlight the "more money than brains" of the Hummer owner.…

  • HA! They get what they deserve

    First there was David and Goliath. Then the Tortise and the Hare. Now it's the Toyota and the Hummer.

  • Kindred spiriits

    Showing proper love to a Hummer Thank you to polyfrog for pointing this one out

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